Welcome to ECE 443: LEDs and Solar Cells!

ECE Technical Elective Course

ECE Elective Hardware Laboratory Course

MATSCI Technical Elective Course

This (4-credit) course explores the energy conversion devices from fundamentals to system-level issues. The course starts with a review of the electronic structure of atoms and semiconductors, quantum physics, and compound semiconductors. Then semiconductor heterostructures and low dimensional quantum structures, forming the basis of modern devices such as light emitting diodes and solar cells are introduced. Topics covered include energy transfer between photons and electron-hole pairs, light emission and capture, emission and absorption engineering via device simulation/design, radiative and non-radiative processes in devices, electrical and optical characteristics, carrier diffusion and mobility, and light extraction and trapping for high efficiency devices. Computer labs and cleanroom labs reinforce modern device design and analysis such as light emitting diodes and solar cells.

This is an advanced course in energy conversion physics, devices, and design technology. The course covers fundamentals as well as modern research topics, and will accommodate a broad range of backgrounds and interests from Electrical and Computer Engineering, Solid State Physics, and Material Science. If you are unsure of your individual preparation for this class, please check with the instructor. A solid knowledge of quantum mechanics, solid-state physics, semiconductors, and familiarity with a numerical computing software (e.g. Matlab, Python) is recommended.

This course is supported by National Science Foundation, Naval Research Laboratory, IBM, MicroLink Devices, and Crosslight.