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Project Information


A Series of Resources for the Presentation and Report

Effective Titles

Effective Abstracts

Writing Made Easier–The Outline

Building Good Paragraphs

Style Guide for Writing Numbers in Technical Documents

Reference Rules and Styles in Physics


A Series of Resources for the Presentation and Report

PowerPoint Tips for Science Talks

Effective Science Talks


Inspirational Readings on LEDs:

Solid-State Lighting

The story of a new light source

History of Gallium–Nitride-Based Light-Emitting Diodes for Illumination

High-Brightness LED Market by Application

DOE Technology Roadmaps

DOE Solid-State Lighting Research and Development Multi-Year Program Plan

DOE LED Science and Technology Advancements

Technical Applications of Light

White phosphorescent LEDs offer efficient answer

Light emitting diodes reliability review

LED: Critical Research Issues

The future of ultraviolet LEDs

UV LEDs for sterilization to prevent spread of coronavirus

Deep-UV LEDs eliminates up to 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2

UV Lighting Industry Eyes Mercury-Ban Impact 

Non-laser Light Sources: Ultraviolet LEDs illuminate the scientific landscape 

222nm UVC Radiation Safe for Human Skin

Car makers embrace LED signals

Light-emitting diodes—Their potential in biomedical applications

Photoacoustic imaging could make catheter-based heart procedures safer

Behavioural effects of artificial light on fish species of commercial interest

LEDs keep salmon free of sea lice, boost yield and profit

Are LED tomatoes as tasty as high-pressure sodium-grown?

Quieting a noisy antenna reproduces photosynthetic light-harvesting spectra

Toward Net-Zero-Energy Greenhouses

Osram Opto expands horticultural LED line with purple and broader white spectra

The powerful impact of protecting future LED lighting applications, including improved growth of animals, plants and algae

Blue Light is Phototoxic for B16F10 Murine Melanoma and Bovine Endothelial Cell Lines by Direct Cytocidal Effect

Green light emitting diodes accelerate wound healing: Characterization of the effect and its molecular basis in vitro and in vivo

Saving Sea Turtles with Light

Laser and LED phototherapies on angiogenesis

Shining light on nanotechnology to help repair and regeneration

A flexible wide-field FLIM endoscope utilising blue excitation light for label-free contrast of tissue

Prospects of non-invasive sensing of the human brain with diffuse optical imaging

Applications of light-emitting diodes in researches conducted in aquatic environment

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) applied to microalgal production

Osram infrared LED tells growers when to harvest crops

French cucumber growers tune LEDs for year-round production

An optogenetic tool to silence neurons

Optogenetic Implant Zaps Bladder Issues

Optrodes for combined optogenetics and electrophysiology in live animals

Researchers develop new tissue autofluorescence endoscopic technique

Integrated luminescent chemical microsensors based on GaN LEDs for security applications using smartphones

Exploring a New “Twilight Zone”: LED Street Lighting and Human Vision

GaN-based LED micro-displays for wearable applications

Signify wants to outfit buses with Li-Fi

LEDs Bring New Light to Car-to-Car Communication

How Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Could Replace Traffic Lights and Shorten Commutes

High-luminance LEDs target emerging automotive lighting applications

Los Angeles Saves Millions With LED Street Light Deployment

Blue light has a dark side

AMA Adopts Community Guidance to Reduce the Harmful Human and Environmental Effects of High Intensity Street Lighting

Visual acuity in two-photon infrared vision

LED-powered mini-lidar for martian atmospheric dust studies

Hand-held LED light health monitoring

Direct detection of a single photon by humans

One-third of the world cannot see the Milky Way — why that matters

Shining a Light on Counterfeit extra-virgin olive oil

The emergence and prospects of deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diode technologies

Technosocial feasibility analysis of solar-powered UV-LED water treatment system in a remote island of Guimaras, Philippines

Researchers present circadian metrics and health impact of LED light

Energy impact of human health and wellness lighting recommendations for office and classroom applications

LEDs must spectrally balance illumination, circadian health, productivity, and energy efficiency 

Inspirational Readings on Solar Cells:

Gerald Pearson: trapping the vast power of the sun

Off the grid

Will artificial photosynthesis ever see the light of day?

Revisiting the Terawatt Challenge

Photovoltaics moving into the terawatt age

Best Research-Cell Efficiency Chart

Champion Photovoltaic Module Efficiency Chart

Detailed Balance Limit of Efficiency of p‐n Junction Solar Cells

Theoretical Calculation of the Efficiency Limit for Solar Cells

On the thermodynamic limit of photovoltaic energy conversion

Limits on the open-circuit voltage and efficiency of silicon solar cells

The efficiency record of 25.9% for III-V/Si tandem cell grown directly on silicon

Multi-junction solar cells and novel structures for solar cell applications

Photovoltaic cells technology principles and recent developments

Third-generation photovoltaics

Progress of Inverted Metamorphic III-V solar cell development at Spectrolab

A new era for solar

Energy conversion approaches and materials for high-efficiency photovoltaics

Back-surface recombination, electron reflectors, and paths to 28% efficiency for thin-film photovoltaics: A CdTe case study

Will we exceed 50% efficiency in photovoltaics?

A Superlattice Solar Cell With Enhanced Short-Circuit Current and Minimized Drop in Open-Circuit Voltage

GaAsP solar cells on GaP substrates by molecular beam epitaxy

Photovoltaic manufacturing: Present status, future prospects, and research needs

Strong Internal and External Luminescence as Solar Cells Approach the Shockley–Queisser Limit

What is the useful energy of a photon?

Doubling the Power Output of Bifacial Thin‐Film GaAs Solar Cells by Embedding Them in Luminescent Waveguides

A perspective of mesoscopic solar cells based on metal chalcogenide quantum dots and organometal-halide perovskites

Fundamental limit of light trapping in grating structures

Grid-connected polymer solar panels initial considerations of cost lifetime practicality

Renewables = 43% of New Power Capacity in USA in 1st Half of 2018

25th Anniversary Article: Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells: Understanding the Mechanism of Operation

Renewables Global Status Report

Growing Exponentially, Floating Solar Opens Up New Horizons for Renewable Energy

Record 22.3% efficiency for tandem solar cell with III-Vs grown directly on silicon

Raising the one-sun conversion efficiency of III–V/Si solar cells to 32.8% for two junctions and 35.9% for three junctions

Fraunhofer ISE sets CPV module efficiency record of 43.4%

Challenges in the design of concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) modules to achieve highest efficiencies

Transient analysis of luminescent coupling effects in multi-junction solar cells

Increasing markets and decreasing package weight for high-specific-power photovoltaics

Potential and Activities of III-V Si Tandem Solar Cells

Research opportunities to advance solar energy utilization

Towards the intermediate band

Solar Cells and Photovoltaics

What Makes a Good Solar Cell?

New Light‐Harvesting Materials Using Accurate and Efficient Bandgap Calculations

Numerical study of InGaN tandem solar cells with intermediate bands

Temperature-Induced Degradation of Thin-Film III–V Solar Cells for Space Applications

Solar panels grown on the moon could power the earth

Photovoltaic Devices: Opto-Electro-Thermal Physics and Modeling

NEDO, Sharp and Toyota to begin public road trials of electric vehicles with high-efficiency solar cells

Lasers, biomimetics enable self-cleaning photovoltaic panels